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One for the senseS.
A Berlin-vibe gastrobar from Chef Candice Leong.

Cross culture cuisine. Age-old preservation techniques.
Come, be tempted.

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“I can resist everything
except temptation.”

— Oscar Wilde

TEMPT is set on Purvis Street, parallel to the Raffles Hotel - where historically Hainanese immigrants congregated, in service of the grand hotel and many colonialist kitchens. The conservation shophouse is now fully exposed with its raw and industrial interior, including original brickwork from 1893. The gastrobar reveals the journey of the building leading up to its current incarnation.

The cuisine is cross-cultured, drawing from the chef owner's years of gallivanting across the globe, enhanced by in-house fermentation of regional produce and old-school preservation techniques. It aims to TEMPT and entice the diner towards being open-minded to new flavours along with the bold variation of meats and cuts offered.

The bar is agave spirits forward, with a small but well-crafted cocktail selection, award-winning limited production sakes, and a wine list that encompasses both recognised labels and artisanal low-intervention wines.

The Menu

There is no exquisite discovery
without temptation and desire…


    At TEMPT, we are truly a full-circle family story. Dad arrived in Singapore
    in 1971 with only $50 in his pocket and hope for a life to work with
    the airlines. He paid $5 a night for a room on Seah Street and today,
    with his prudent investments, we own a building from 1893 in this historical
    neighbourhood. With Mom's blessings, we have created a venue that is an
    extension of our home, where we have always loved hosting, and they
    continue to partake in the conviviality.

  • The family has now grown to include all that have collaborated and contributed
    to (and continue to) the experience at TEMPT. From our head chef, James Yap,
    who's leapt into the rabbit hole of an incredibly exploratory journey in the kitchen,
    to our architect, Quck Zhong Yi, of A Solid Plan, who helped realise the sensuality
    of the setting and ambience.


    Private chef and founder, Candice Leong, started travelling extensively from a young age which has exposed her to many flavours, cultures and has developed her penchant for exploring and discovery. With a background in the performing arts and having lived on five continents, her dinners have always been imbued with a playful sense of the theatre.

    She is a self-proclaimed glutton who is voracious in her appetite for life and all the flavours it has to offer. Dining at her table is a story told with food, inspired by curiosity, sourced with passion and served with a persuasive sparkle in her eye…along with just a suggestion to push your boundaries, even if to just taste a little more;

    …and be seduced.

  • “The only way to get rid of a temptation
    is to yield to it. Resist it, and your
    soul grows sick with longing for the
    things it has forbidden to itself…”

    — Oscar Wilde

Private Dining Room

2nd storey 57sqm 6.2m ceiling height.
10 around the counter & up to 22 comfortably seated.
Standing room 40+ pax.

Enquire for bookings.

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31 Purvis St
Singapore 188608

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8299 7382






FriDAY12noon - 3:30PM

Corkage $65 per bottle and/or 1-for-1 up to a max of 2 bottles per party.

Street level parking available along Purvis Street or at Beach Centre
Basement parking available on either side of the alleyway between Purvis and Seah St

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